Some fun with GlamorTangling

This weekend Ina Sonnenmoser released a new PDF for supporting her website:

Of course I bought it and also had some fun with the tips and tricks to glamour your drawings 😀

Here some examples!

Starfish-Flower with GlamorTangling Starfish-Flower with some Stitching

Ukkepuk with GlamorTangling Ukkepuk with some Stitching

Whimsical with GlamorTangling Whimsical with Stitching

4 Ring with GlamorTangling Pattern 4 Ring (by Karin Frank) with some GlamorTangling. Beading and Stipling 🙂

If you want to try GlamorTangling too:

Here you can get the PDF and you also support a great website with it 🙂



Nicole 🙂



Starting something new :-)

I found something else to play around with.

My very first try

Clay Frog

You are allowed to laugh  my very very first try with clay. But this is not the one which you can bake and then it stays hard. It’s just simple kid clay.

And have no tools or so to make it really pretty. But it’s holiday for me so I am having some relaxing fun. And maybe I get so good one day that I can make my critters in clay!

Something small

Drawing on little tiles like the Bijou’s is fun. The nice thing about it: you are finished fast but with a beautiful result 🙂

This are two I did today 🙂

On grey paper and with a 0,05 and 0,1 fineliner. Coloring with some prismacolor pencils.

The pattern Phil-agrees

The new pattern from Zentangle® : Spoken

Actually I find this a nice concept for a x-mas card 🙂