Time to get back to the roots

2018 is almost done and I have to say that I did not make a lot use of my website. Got me thinking. What to do? Keep it and start actual using it? Drop it and keep my stuff just on Instagram or Facebook?

Well after thinking a bit I decided to keep it. Together with my YouTube channel which will go in the air in 2019, I want to be able to show more of my work and hopefully inspire you too 🙂

I wish you all a wonderful start in to 2019!

My new pattern Cosmic Flower

Hello everyone 🙂

already  quite some time ago when I post here. I noticed that it is a lot faster and easier to just post on my Facebook site or Pinterest 🙂

But will do my best to keep up here too!

This artwork is done with my new pattern CosmicFlower : Step out of Cosmic Flower

Done on gray paper and colored with just gray and white 🙂


Love and greetings,