Some fun with GlamorTangling

This weekend Ina Sonnenmoser released a new PDF for supporting her website:

Of course I bought it and also had some fun with the tips and tricks to glamour your drawings 😀

Here some examples!

Starfish-Flower with GlamorTangling Starfish-Flower with some Stitching

Ukkepuk with GlamorTangling Ukkepuk with some Stitching

Whimsical with GlamorTangling Whimsical with Stitching

4 Ring with GlamorTangling Pattern 4 Ring (by Karin Frank) with some GlamorTangling. Beading and Stipling 🙂

If you want to try GlamorTangling too:

Here you can get the PDF and you also support a great website with it 🙂



Nicole 🙂



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